Modest Means Program

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the overwhelming demand on the Modest Means resources, we are forced to close our intake process until we can assist those on our current wait-list.  We will re-open intake at the earliest available opportunity.

The Lorain County Bar Association is excited to be able to offer our Modest Means Program (“MMP”), which is a much-needed service to our community and to our members. At this time, the only areas of practice for the MMP are family law, landlord/tenant, foreclosure and consumer law (debtor only).  (Family law includes:  dissolution, divorce, post-decree support, post-decree contempt, post-decree custody, child custody and support, etc.  Additionally, unbundled services are also offered at a reduced rate.)

This program is geared to assist low-income individuals in the Lorain County area living paycheck to paycheck that cannot afford market rate legal representation or a large retainer fee. This program will match up these individuals with an attorney that is willing to assist them with their legal needs for a reduced fee.

Individuals who are eligible to participate in the MMP must meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the Lorain County Bar Association, which is up to 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. If the LCBA determines that you are financially eligible and legal aid or pro bono services are unavailable, you will be referred to an attorney that is participating in the MMP. The program keeps a rotating list of attorneys who are willing to accept cases at a reduced rate of $75 per hour and a reduced retainer of $500. Please remember that the referral is not for a pro bono (free) attorney. The client will be required to pay the reduced rates.

The LCBA will forward to the client the Financial Disclosure Statement that is to be filled out completely and returned to us along with the required documentation. Once we receive the completed financial statement, we will advise you if you are eligible and, if so, provide you with the name and contact information of an attorney.

For attorneys that join the MMP as a referral source, you will not only help out members of our community that would otherwise have nowhere to turn, you will gain valuable experience, expand your client base, establish yourself in the legal community, and maintain a steady work flow.

Please contact Jeannie or Megan at the LCBA office (440-323-8416) for more information on this program.

Modest Means Application.pdf

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